Papaloko ThegenusBorn in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Jude Thegenus, better known to some as Papaloko, is an artist, whose work is born through trance, the act of falling into a deep meditative state and then being possessed by a spirit whose purpose is to paint strokes of life onto canvas. At about age six, Jude moved on to study sculpture and ceramics, in addition to his dimension interest, at the Art Institute of Saint Jean Bosco and later completed his education at Lycee Antenor Firmin. Thegenus has mastered all the disciplines of Haitian art, from native to modern. He has developed a unique and personal style of working with acrylics. His one-of-a-kind textural compositions create a serene excitement.
Thegenus’ work experiences are in the field of education, illustration, graphic design, sign making and many other disciplines of the visual arts. Solo and group exhibits have been held in his native Haiti as well as Trinidad, Canada, France, and the United States. Papaloko’s work can be found internationally in galleries, private homes, cafés, restaurants and nightclubs. He is currently putting the final touches on a eighteen-year project at Mango’s Tropical Café on Ocean Drive in South Beach, where he was commissioned to design a tropical atmosphere (that covers the entire the facility) within the realms of his extreme creative talent, with paint that shines vibrantly during the day and turns 3-dimentional in the evening hours. A full mural by Papaloko is also featured in the private home of championship boxer Lenox Lewis, as well as at locations such as Tap Tap in South Beach, Club Paradise in New York, and outside the United States in Aruba, Switzerland and Panama.
Rich in natural passion, Thegenus brings a vivid awareness of man’s closeness and attachment to the “Spirit World” through his art. After completing a period of study for the Roman Catholic priesthood, Jude determined that a more culturally rooted spirituality would be the road he would take and thus begun a more in depth study of the Vodoun Temple. In 1989 he turned again to music forming a group, Loray Mistik, a vodou pop band. Prior to Loray, Jude got his feet wet with the popular Rara band Koleksyon Kazak. Branching out with Loray allowed Jude to more fully exhibit his talents while teaming up with the power of Vodou ceremonies, panorama, and songs of the drum.